NeetoDeploy Features

NeetoDeploy is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution that makes it easy to manage and deploy applications with features like database backup, auto deployment from GitHub, live logs, SSL certificates management, auto-scaling and more.

Zero Devops

Save valuable developer time by focussing on application development while we manage the deployment and scalability

Built-in Support for Popular Languages and Libraries

Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Go, Scala, Clojure

Popular Databases Available as Built-in Addons

PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and Redis

Easy Migration From Heroku

Procfile, app.json, buildpacks etc are Heroku compatible

Compatibility with Heroku Buildpacks

Heroku buildpacks and third party buildpacks written for Heroku will work out of the box

Extensible via Custom Cloud Native Buildpacks

Easy to extend the platform by writing custom buildpacks of your own

Review Apps for Pull Requests

Automatically create temporary instances of applications for review and testing purposes

Continuous Deployment

Application can be automatically updated and re-deployed for every new commit in GitHub

Scheduled Database Backups

Automated daily or weekly backups of PostgreSQL databases

Zero Downtime Deployment

No disruption while deploying new software updates or changes to live production environment.

Automatic Scaling

Automatically adjust the capacity of resources in run-time to support spikes/falls in traffic

Performance Metrics

Investigate and diagnose issues using key performance metrics like CPU load, memory usage and throughput over time

Custom Domains

Configure custom domains for your application

Automatic Certificate Management

Automated management of SSL Certificates using LetsEncrypt

CLI Support

Manage apps directly from the terminal

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